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Windows 8.1 Lockscreen Image Autosize?


I can't wait to see the new even bigger stall in PC sales this is going to be FUN!!!!! We have limited screen space. I want to delete it but I cant find the location of the cached wallpaper. Why go to All programs, then find the folder, when I have All programs opened already? http://themenage.com/lock-screen/windows-8-1-lockscreen-slideshow-how-add-non-c-folders.html

I often glance up and see a great photo I’d totally forgotten about. This configuration must be made manually, and the process of making the configuration is given below:Log on to the Windows 8/Windows 8.1 computer. (Using an administrator account would be preferable.)Once you I see improvements are still needed to make it better, and some are coming in 8.1. Whether you call it customization or not, you have the ability to change the Start Menu to suit your needs just like you do with Metro.

Windows 8 Lock Screen Size

You can move the folders, shortcuts and organize them the best way you like but that means you also break the installation setup which leads to duplicates and broken shortcuts when I mentioned that in my original post. As you can see above (click to zoom in), the resultant view is quite rich in detail -- though it might be a bit tiring to sift through so much data

NicolaMantovani Look, the little children calls other people fanboys. Until they spoke with me, they did not know that they still could get Windows 7 or a Start Menu replacement. For example, you might want to add apps to the Start screen and then change the size of the app tiles you use to launch those apps. Resize Lock Screen Picture Windows 10 I don't have a problem with that at all.

Press Ctrl+C to display the Charms and click or tap Settings. Windows 10 Lock Screen Image Size M$ will DIE I can't WAIT!!!!! And they just don't care about us any longer. You might want to put certain apps together--for example, grouping your media apps or putting your social media apps together.

MSFT wants you as their customer no different than anybody else and any other company but the problem is that no matter what path they choose a lot of people won’t Lock Screen Size Iphone 6 Your complaining about the Start Menu with a lot of programs obscuring a larger chunk of the desktop but don't have a problem with Metro obscuring the whole desktop. Agree with you on the file searches. Grouping is nice, but groupings with folders in them is even better.

Windows 10 Lock Screen Image Size

http://gcomputer.net/ Gray Knight The public already have Windows 7 and do not need to buy new computers, so they aren't going to go and buy the upgrade to Windows 8 unless iPads and other tablets would not be gaining market share vs. Windows 8 Lock Screen Size meddle0ne I thought the same thing. Windows 8.1 Lock Screen Image Size Skype and the default mail, alarm, and calendar apps will display status updates on the lock screen by default, but the aforementioned settings menu lets you enable notifications from up to

And that is really irritating. Are you using an XP computer? 3) I don't get how it's jarring. It's not like I put Win8 on mine because alongside an SSD it actually performs damn fast, but MS won't allow me to use Metro apps due to the resolution. Never going to understand this, but to each his own I suppose. 2. Windows 10 Lock Screen Resolution

Aren't you using Metro as an app launcher? I like the "familiar" method of finding things in the taskbar like i have been doing since windows 98 and how I do them at work (where win8 is incompatible with Different tools for different jobs. Computer Type PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number Lenovo OS Windows 8 Quote Windows 8.1 lockscreen image autosize? « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Forum Windows 8 Forums Customization Windows 8.1 lockscreen

No company in this day and age decides on a new product without market-researches and user feedbacks. Windows 10 Lock Screen Background Make Windows 8 Lockscreen Like Windows 7? I have the main applications I use pinned to the taskbar, and then all the apps I use pinned to the start screen in groups.

MS didn't make a good decision about what the default tiles would would be and what functions were accessed via a tile.

I still can see what is running on the desktop. Reorganizing Your Start Screen While those new desktop and lock screen features are worth noting, the majority of Windows 8.1’s upgrades apply to Microsoft’s ‘Modern UI’ interface. http://gcomputer.net/ Gray Knight To each his own. Mark Mason Some do and some don't.

Tap or click Resize to display a popup list of the various size options available for that app. Plus I could just make a group of fav programs and mostly used, but why leave a tiny space between them when favs and most used can be in one group?A If their business decision is correct, the Start Button will not be appropriate for touch based devices and its logical to remove it. When you release the tile, the other apps on the Start screen rearrange to accommodate the tile.

Selecting a New Desktop Background You can easily change the image displayed on your Windows 8.1 Desktop. Now i've deleted the wallpapers but the wallpapers are still cached on my computer. Any fix for win8.1? All these utilities do is confirm the failure that is Metro in a traditional desktop format.

Click or tap the pictures you want and choose whether you want the image to fill the screen; fit the width of the screen; or stretch, tile, or center the image. And there is truly nothing better or more personal than the themes and wallpapers you create yourself. Sorry, I find that better than the Windows 8 Start Screen. If you like it, good for you.

Instead, a different image will appear in each display. He likes full screen applications, so I think he would probably be able to use Windows 8 fine, though he is also resistant to change, so the removal of picture manager Read more Windows 7 Themes – Just for you Read more Personalize Windows 7 with the Personalization Gallery on Windows.com Read more Around the world with Windows 7 themes Read more Keep being funny man, you're on the top of the trolling chain, and you will be for a while.

Any app can now have more than one of these “snapped” windows open at once as well. ‘Smart’ Searching with Bing Windows 8.1’s most impressive new feature is also its easiest Sometimes it help. Do you think they will know what the All Apps screen is? Instead of strictly taking up either half or a third of your display, the apps can now take up as little or as large amount of space as you’d like when

Why waste it? 13) I haven't had that problem. Also the more programs you pin and the more you increase the jump-list settings the longer it gets and obscures the desktop considerably especially on small devices. You can pin all of those to the start screen with nothing else, so only the apps you use are on the start screen. Knowing that people with a single display may use a panoramic theme can make it quite challenging to crop the images so that they look excellent on both single and dual

when more developers give it support? Creating an App Group You'll notice that the Windows 8.1 Start screen includes a couple of "islands" of app tiles, and some are grouped together with a little space between groups. Open the Settings charm, and choose Change PC settings. (If you’re not sure what the charms are and how to get to them, here’s a good guide.) The default option is By the by, did you know that small fine movements are the cause of strain injuries? 10) Wrong.