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Windows 8 Install Still Shows Windows 7 As Alternative On


http://www.facebook.com/ronald.stepp Ronald Stepp A bad UI decision is not "being ahead in technology." When the UI slows me down in a revision it isn't a good change. More advertising and data gathering will be built in by default. Raymond Cox ok Jml M$ Windows 8 HAS NOTHING NEW TO OFFER PERIOD!!!!!! And the same evil update will not be removed via the list of installed updates within control panel, as it has no uninstal option when clicked on or at the top Source

Now, after all this time he finally realises the damage his info has caused to many of us and comes out with more fake information on how to fix it with What I would like to see in a video player is: * Remembering playback position from a video * The... And for a while, it seemed that all was well. Alternative Windows video player to iOS app ReplayerHD in Software and Apps I have bought a hybrid tablet-laptop to replace my iPad 1, so I'm exploring alternative software/apps to iOS apps.

How To Remove Multiple Windows 7 Boot Options

I'll take the victory. keeps saying I need elevated privileges even though I am running it as admin/in an elevated CMD prompt. Reply Gary Byron August 17, 2015 at 8:45 am Had over 100 Gigs of hard drive space after upgrade, which means Windows.old had enough room. holy cow man, relax with the hate.

The wonderful blue screen of death at every boot. Method 2: Use Advanced Startup Options to Quickly Switch to Other OS in Windows 8 Did you know Windows 8 comes with a new advanced startup feature which helps you in When I was using Mac OS X I used "SwitchResX". How To Remove Windows Boot Manager Os Startup Selection Screen max999 LOL!

All went well until my installation froze, so I had to reboot. Remove Os From Boot Menu Windows 7 WHATS THE BIG PROBLEM?THATS JUST GREAT IF YOU LIKE,DONT LIKE,ACCEPT,DONT ACCEPT. When something new is an improvement, people embrace it. If you have backed up recently and your data hasn’t changed much since, it could just be a case of copying over a few extra files.

Lots of the apps loaded on the start screen didn't work - most notably, the file explorer! Choose An Operating System To Start Windows 7 i use it more often than windows 8 (most of my installed software is in win7 ) but then then recently after switched on my PC and chosen win7 on the There are so many... Given that I personally think 7 was the best version they ever released, WinXP has the advantage of being a stable and reliable workhorse for what it does.

Remove Os From Boot Menu Windows 7

I'd like to take it off and replace it with Windows 7, but I don't know how to do this, and everything I can find online is about going back on During my local idiomatic language learning period, this difference in usage led to many amusing discussions, since I didn't want customers mashing any of the expensive equipment.When Martin says to press How To Remove Multiple Windows 7 Boot Options Yesterday everything went to greyscale, today I lost both printers, this is REALLY BAD!! How Do I Remove Boot Choices That I No Longer Want In Windows 7 I understand you are a fan but the market does not want it.

Between a factory reset and a reinstall, it was tough. http://themenage.com/windows-7/windows-update-does-not-install-again.html so far. Neutrino . http://www.facebook.com/ronald.stepp Ronald Stepp We're not headed towards touch on the desktop anymore than we are headed for a mouse on tablets and phones. Windows 7 Asks Which Operating System To Boot

http://www.facebook.com/rubecker Robiara Ubiratan Becker Stop feeding this f** troll. The phone connection app also didn't work - just got a blue screen and those mesmerising little dots going round in a circle. So I reboot and from that point forward, I cannot get back into Windows anymore. http://themenage.com/windows-7/wont-allow-me-to-install-new-hd.html You are the only person responsible for your actions.Do yourself a favor and learn how to back up your operating system, and stop being childish.

M$ knows that desktops for the majority of their home users are going away replaced by smart phones and pads. Everytime I Boot Up My Computer, It Asks Me To Choose Operating System I like some things like the snap assist, the Task View, multiple desktops, and Cortana. how can i get back what i seem to have lost Reply ALEX Mercer December 14, 2015 at 9:32 am I installed win7 in local disk c and win8 in local

Reply dhonjoe November 7, 2015 at 3:31 am # i had that same problem with KB2952664 ....

For Microsoft! I've actually noticed my usability improve with windows 8. Select Options if you want to configure it.Animated icon for every option on start menu.You can still open the Start screen by moving your cursor to the very bottom-left corner of How To Remove Dual Boot Option In Windows 7 Thanks for conceding the argument!

Look for a new style start button/menu in W9 with a incredibly stupid reason why they are bringing it back. So anything you say is invalid. So many benefits.... Check This Out Though I do have some "Windows Store" apps that I like to use every now and then.

I have seen many people switching from an ipad and a laptop to intuitively reach out to touch the screen on their laptop. What's your solution? I can't because Microsoft won't let me. Chris Bordeman "There are plenty of people who prefer it to 7." Don't exaggerate.

Now, if I mention this it is to share my surprise when discovering that updates I had decided to hide do not appear when I run Windows Update (c:\Windows\System32\wuapp.exe). What’s interesting is that many end up uninstalling them after 2 weeks because they realize they're not needed. If you are referring to logging into a MS account automatically, i will check that but again i wouldnt leave my devices with autologin to any online services. Did you drink the coolaide while interning at Microsoft??

Microsoft is the only Company I know that has been able to NOT listen to the customer and get away with it. Have you tried to roll back and what was your experience? Here's how to restore the data and remove the folder to free up space. I'm installing those now, but I'm a bit surprised there are that many left after the CR install. -Paul Tagged with Clean PC, Windows 7 Please enable JavaScript to view the

windows phone sales are steadily dropping, and iphones are still pretty steady. Now I am FORCED into a new install.THIS SUCKS!!! Find a system service. To change so drastically just to try to sell on a market that is already lost to them is wasting MY time not theirs.