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Windows 8.1 And WMC Extenders

My hardware wasn't free but I paid for it years ago and it ended up my Win7 MCE. $150 on a tuner card and $150 for a power splitter, coax cable Marc Media Extenders are only going to live as long as Windows Media Center. Its obvious your doing things wrong but you are ignoring peoples comments so gl with that. ALL of my TV's are PC's with the ability to DVR on all of them.

Get a TV tuner card installed in your PC, A half decent indoor or outdoor antenna will get you better quality OTA channels than Cable TV can and it's free. Or just be angry. Xbox, PS3, Tablet, Laptop, etc. It just worked.

I'm talking about Windows Media Center, the thoroughly awesome software that makes a Windows PC a great companion for TV -- or just a great TV, depending on how you use Bruce Bieber I'm waiting to see the results of the Silicon Dust kickstarter, but I'm using a Ceton device and doubt Silicon Dust will help me in any way. Before you make these kinds of changes, you should evaluate the risks associated with lowering your console’s security. hey..

Update their inhouse apps and they are good to go stmaybe Fix their mouse issues, release WMC / PlayReady to the open-source community, fix their disk controller driver issues so they nowaay Check you computer date and time. The MCE interface translates beautifully to xbox. This problem can occur if one of the following is true: The Media Center certificate is corrupted.

In the alternative setup I mentioned, NextPVR does provide the DVR function with a program guide. On top of that works as a remote control for my WMC. Despite these improvements, the focus in home entertainment shifted to consumer electronics (CE) devices. wow very old post you replied to.

Exactly how much am I spending to make this work? Use it or lose it. I don't have a HTPC. Almost no one knows WMC exists or how best to use it because Microsoft doesn't advertise it.

To get even close to the same functionality I would need a Tivo, NAS, Roku, and Slingbox. Especially if you buy them used. They could make a cheaper low power version for media, or adapt their Windows tablet interface for remote. Making it a minor subset of the Xbox One feature set is all that Microsoft can find reasonable to throw money at.

The problem with HTPC's is that fewer people understand how PC's work than in the past. But to just get the service and use my equipment: $80/month We have 3 TVs (in a living room and 2 bedrooms), so I can pay either $210/month and have to I don't like how cell phones are channeling people into stuff; soon phones may be free because of the way they influence spending. I found it to be absolutely horrible.

I have 3 x4TB drives in my media centre with years of material both dvds and ota progammes. Plus, you have to rent the cable box forever at $20/month. So really? We're sorry this article didn't solve your problem.

They keep adding channels and I now get 37 in my area. Login or register to post comments StalePhish on Dec 4, 2015 The problem is that cable boxes cost money, lots of it. Retrieved 2012-11-28. ^ "Windows Vista Feature Focus: Windows Media Center Extender".

The WMC Guide and the ability to search for and schedule recurring live TV series recordings is vital.

I'm late to the party..but wow - the idiocy in here is bad. They are very likely open source supporter and hates monopolies. Only relevant if your internet connection is unlimited. I use 4 TB drives to record shows.

It plays every codec format (including MKV). Back to top Top #8 Deihmos OFFLINE Deihmos Advanced Member Alpha Testers 1069 posts Local time: 12:16 PM LocationNYC Posted 26 December 2013 - 09:16 PM I am not sure Your console and PC need to be connected to the same local network through a wired or Wi-Fi connection. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Note have not tried with windows 10 yet. I guess my point here is that I see no clear replacement (single device) for Windows Media Center. Click OK. samidge DNLA DNLA DNLA… I can stream movies over 3g or 4g to a 3 year old phone in the middle of a field from my NAS.

If your using folder rips then obviously things might work better with the older xbox extender technology, but if your using files, then I think the Roku beats it. Back to top Top #14 Logos302 OFFLINE Logos302 Advanced Member Members 701 posts Local time: 09:16 AM Posted 03 January 2014 - 08:47 PM The home page has a list My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this ... It's great if people post what they've had success with.

DannyY98 The correct question is how old is your PC. It's great still being able to watch the DVR'ed content or even life TV through my old Xbox 360, but ironically not though the Xbox One. m Back to top Top #2 a1b2c3 OFFLINE a1b2c3 Advanced Member Members 130 posts Local time: 12:16 PM LocationOntario, Canada Posted 24 December 2013 - 09:06 AM As far as Really hard choice...

Several functions may not work. I realize nothing will likely be as easy as WMC! I don't understand Microsoft's thinking. It just works.

Generally they put the stream on channel's website, anywhere between a day to a week later, but if you ever end up behind too far episodes start getting dropped. No PC to TV, no 20′ cord.