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Windows 8.1 Much Slower Search Than Windows 8 & Unfriendly

VG ^^ You should try to reset the laptop to factory settings using Reset or Refresh PC options: http://www.askvg.com/tip-reinstall-or-repair-windows-8-computer-using-reset-pc-and-refresh-pc-options/ Milly Accidentally unpinned the shut down tab on my desktop, how do I have a program that does this (Clover) and I can't do without it anymore. I'm totally INLOVE with the new metro look too! Works quite nicely. http://themenage.com/windows-8-1/windows-8-1-store-search-redirecting-to-start.html

There are 108 comments Comments are closed. If you have started using Windows 8 RTM or planning to install it, here are some interesting tips and tricks for you to enjoy this new Start Screen in Windows 8. I guess it could still be useful now. vivalda This is one of the reasons I will not go to win 10, if 7 stops working I will switch all of my machines to Linux instead.

A carryover from Windows 8, the Network trouble shooting screen is in the Windows Explorer UI and not the touch friendly Metro style. I just tested this while writing this, and I had no problems using touch on SP3 to do this in either regular or tablet modes using touch. jdwii Great article and i agree with all of these. Hell, My school thought web development!

Last time I checked, Windows 7 is a program, its mine since i purchased it. I asked Cortana on both devices the same thing several times in a row -- "Navigate to Taylor, Texas" (a source of much good barbecue), and got a wide variety of responses. Yes, if you have 10+ apps running, this isn't as effective, but I suspect most touch users only run a handful of apps at a time; especially tablet users. Have spent half the morning trying to work out how to get rid of these apps which I do not want.

It took me 10 hrs to install this program. I even recently saw a tip-list article telling tech journalists how to up their page views, one of which was simply "Be negative." I would link the article, but its title TheChairman Do you know anything about how Win 8/10 actually boot? It was a pacifier that allowed a lot of people to cope with 8.x on traditional PCs, and I would argue it was the right thing to do.

Also, I can't really care about a 10-20 second boot difference, and just how bad of a GPU do you need to notice a slowdown from Aero? Fix It: To get rid of Windows 8.1’s time-wasting lock screen and boot directly to the password prompt, open the registry editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Personalization, right click in the right window More» More Stories by Michael The Coolest Features in Windows 10 Creators Update Windows 10 now gets major free updates every several months. Several in the industry, writers and vendors alike, blamed Windows 8 for a failing PC market.

We also have to remember that this is the first preview build. If you don't satisfy us, we're just going to continue to use Windows 7 or run our favorite linux distros for our daily operating environment. If you build a new machine, you have to pay for a new Win10. However, after the first few hours it's actually running pretty well.

Jeff Kramer Windows 10 was an absolute disaster. I can't find anything I need to do in PC Settings. Considering that there are already half a dozen ways to get to the Start screen and that Windows 8 also took you back to start if you hovered in the left not exactly strenuous work, but i find it irritating.

You need a C++ compiler? Probably this time next year. You write perfect code. Computer Type PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number Hinze57 OS win8.1.1 enterprise CPU AMD FX 6100 6core 3.30gHz Motherboard gigibyte ga-78lmy-s2p Memory 4gig ddr3 Graphics Card Radon hd5000 Series Sound Card onboard realtek

There's no question that Windows 10 is a compromise between Windows 7 and Windows 8, but it's extra heavy on the Windows 7 sauce. Actually seems a bit faster than Windows 7 and that is just doing an in place upgrade and keeping everything. Like Windows 8, the new OS has SmartScreen Filter, the digital equivalent of a nun with a really long ruler, waiting to smack you down if you try to install software

aside from Share and Search which -- rightfully so -- are moved in-app instead of to a hidden menu.

Login or register to post comments KingBuzzo on Aug 13, 2015 There just wasn't enough W8 tablet/touch users out there...but the few that are...we hear you... That is mainly the crusty NTFS file system that still is crippled by DOS era restrictions like 255 character path/file name limitation, drive letters, inability to craft soft and hard links or get classic shell. Please provide more details.

It adds nothing to my experience with Windows and strips out so much great technology and innovation. We're both power users, and my dad has been using Windows since at least 3.1 - and DOS and the Apple II for years before. So, I'm curious. And, with the recent and continuing Windows 10 Mail app woes, I've had to switch back to the full Outlook 2013 email client to ensure that my email messages are delivered

Bought a new laptop for work. Which segues nicely into geek topic of the decade……………………………… Start Screen or Start Menu? VG ^^ Make sure the current system language is correct in your Windows. They really must try harder to make this usable, the only decent thing about the windows 8 pro version is that I can set up a virtual machine and reload XP.

I blame Jony Ive. God. That section binds the Windows 10 EULA to the linked to Windows 10 Privacy Statement and the Microsoft Services Agreement, wherewith one signs away all right to (and all expectation of) Win-win.

I have no problem with that. You can sign in with a non Microsoft account or a local account for that PC, but those options are far from obvious to the new user and in particular someone The Start Menu is not full screen in tablet mode. A lot of the complaints and even some of the requests in the feedback section are going to come down to "make it Windows 7.

BaronMatrix It takes me about 15 seconds last check… But I rarely reboot or turn off my machines… I just turn on power management… kroozin Wow 4 seconds is awesome. Other than having to relearning where all the controls are now, I think Windows 10 is great. StellaRagazzo How about bringing back the throw bar capability so you can throw my pc or my docks against the side of the screen to create a bar just like 98 Severnia uses more RAM?

Mark Boelte "With W7 OEM licenses". All Rights Reserved. Timmehhh So what are the rest of the top 10 feedback items? User preferences also sync really nicely between machines, so once you get the Start menu layout set up on one device, for example, you can have it show up that way

Manufactures put together spare parts to sell off cheap and it results in machines in Walmart for $200 that are not worth $20. Then, I decided to complety re-insllall the OS but.... We just dragged-n-dropped it at the beginning of Start Screen: Isn't it simple? 4.