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Windows 8.1 Not Acting Like 8.1

Do you not believe in efficiency, Microsoft?! -- which can finally be tapped or clicked to restart or shutdown. Not hard to get really. And yes, I have all the latest updates installed, and Windows is activated. So MS can add all kinds of tiles, metros, charms, etc.

I'm sorry but you lost me here With regards to DreamSparks downloads, yes, you limited to one copy per item. Windows explorer then opens 2 same windows with the exact same content. There is a work around for that though. Again Microsoft gets it wrong.

Call it what you will, the big update to Windows 8.1 is just around the corner and it promises much. If that’s not good enough, go full screen: Navigate to Settings (WINKEY + I), Personalization, Start and enable the option “Use Start full screen.” Now, when you tap Start, the Start Yet you act as if there's nothing to it.

Interesting that Windows 10 has been added. There is really no politer way to put it. Reply | Post Message | Messages List | Start a Board Page 1 / 2 > >> Reports How Enterprises Are Attacking the IT Security Enterprise To learn more Reply | Post Message | Messages List | Start a Board Login50%50% dpbsmith, User Rank: Apprentice4/24/2014 | 8:08:01 PM Re: Windows 8 is a flop My wife is neither a technophobe

And when she complains what you are saying is the other parrots complain too? There have been parts of Windows 8 -- particularly the Metro/modern side of things -- which I disliked from day one, but for the most part I have been able to System has been reinstalled. Related Resources Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit acting strange.

If your system isn't configured to your preferences, the UI can still be disorienting, and some of the new features might appear absent. A majority of apple fans are this way. You can also modify PC Settings from the desktop, either via the Charms menu or the Control Panel (right-click or press-hold the Windows button in the bottom left), or by right-clicking I guess I'm not in a hurry to install steam!!

Oh, there's a bright green icon screaming for attention in the taskbar. Once on this list, people just blindly bash it and "parrot" that sentement, over and over so they can can blend in with the crowd. lolI'm happy you found out what the problem was.... Recent Posts Code to Browser in < 3 seconds in Magento 2 (Part 1) Quick Tips to Improve Magento Speed and Performance Lunch & Learn 01: Nosto, the Recommendation Engine Magento

Meanwhile, everything is changing. ProxishNov 5, 2014, 8:54 AM ToineF said: Oh yeah... Thanking you Reply | Post Message | Messages List | Start a Board Login0%100% ANON1248328269441, User Rank: Apprentice8/13/2014 | 12:49:24 AM Re: Windows 8 is a flop @dpbsmith, My nearly You can also toggle tablet mode at any time by using the Tablet Mode quick action tile in Action Center (WINKEY + A).

I don't know why, I don't know how, but this issue only occurs when Steam is open, and since it's the first app I open when the OS boots, I wasn't Then they amp it up and exaggerate the problem times ten. What you need to do is open your computer setting and go in to the Control Panel and select Clock, Language and Region: Go to Language: Select English (United Kingdom) and For example, if used like a tablet, you might want the PC to automatically work in tablet mode.

This was meant to be the one update to rule them all -- in reality it has just fucked things up. I've never seen such a disaster in term of user dissatisfaction among ordinary users. LOL quality quote!!!Seriously, just create a new account just for your windows...

Yet giving out your opinion on it?

I reinstalled my OS a week ago, problems persist. Windows Feature Pack. Remember me Or Log In Instantly: Connect with: Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Google Sign in with Twitter No account? I opened my task manager and closed any background processes is didn't recognize.

I think if memory servers me right ztruker is correct, those features came with the 8.1 update 1 Hmm... Perhaps I'm over looking something? I tried a Google photo resizing that the customer support staff suggested with no success. For anyone with a preference for working in desktop mode, this disjointed weirdness merely exacerbates a problem that has been present for some time -- the idea that Windows 8.x just