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Windows 8.1 Or Windows 8.1.1?

Any businessman worth his salt will know that if he does not listen to and act upon the feedback of consumers, he will ultimately lose out. Has anyone else seen this on a tablet, or just me? Retrieved October 20, 2013. ^ "Microsoft releases fix for Surface RT slates borked by Windows RT 8.1 update". She's used every version of Windows and Office released, and every smartphone too, but she's still looking for the perfect tablet.

TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Read Article Article Make Windows 8.1 More Touchable - 10 Tips Read Article Article Get to Know Windows 8 and 8.1 Read Article Article 15 Common Questions About Installing Windows on Instead, each service provider is expected to create its own app; The Messaging app, which was interoperable with Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat, is deprecated in favour of a Skype CNET.

The Verge. Don't forget about the metro version of IE, which is one of the best mobile browsers out there. Retrieved April 30, 2015. ^ "Operating system market share". Windows 8.1 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Windows 8.1 A version of the Windows NT operating system Start screen on Windows 8.1 with Update Developer Microsoft Released

Efon Wang it's a lot more layers of metro than just the start screen. MS actually added new requirements in Windows 8.1. Encryption begins as soon as a user begins using the system; the recovery key is stored to either the user's Microsoft account or an Active Directory login, allowing it to be Retrieved January 12, 2014. ^ "Windows RT 8.1 update taken offline due to installation issues".

I own couple of Android devices and could try different Apple products as well and both have very good UI concepts to which users are happily adapt. Hold off on the reaction to force a restart because your computer appears hung, even if the hard drive activity light stays solid or is off. I do video conversions, administrative stuff, listen to music, read the net, and do a slew of other things on a 7 machine. jonzey231 They're already down….

CyberAngel You just need to understand that it's more complicated than, say, writing code for Mac OS with limited and controlled hardware. PC World. Conde Nast Digital. If it works for you great.

The old X makes it obvious. So that's good.On the Desktop side of things, the latest update doesn't change much. The size of the download will differ somewhat If your edition or architecture is different than mine, but all will be several GB in size.

As it states on the Windows Eric Bryner No their just complainers, and won't stop.

Vox Media. why? Faisal Basra Microsoft's official links are down, also mega link is down. Eric Bryner Yes, same thing start screen does.

Please improve the article or discuss the issue. (December 2016) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Steve Kleynhans from Gartner urged enterprises to avoid migrating to Windows 8.1. Retrieved July 2, 2014. ^ "Pricing and Packaging for Windows 8.1". Windows 8 has its flaws, like any new iterations of Windows. VirtualMark I didn't, you did: "Users demand for innovation but are afraid of change" Dan all right Barry Ferguson Because change is central to your moronic argument on this page.

They have great performance and small memory footprint but the UI is horrible! That's like someone in Windows 7 or XP who always changed their theme to "Classic" saying they should get rid of all the other themes. I can keep going how MS bungled touch interaction.

Windows Experience Blog.

Those are already things that were a part of Window's to begin with. Agree to the software terms of service. Microsoft. Eric Bryner KB2919442 is the only one that comes up in Microsoft support page, and says March release on update day of March 11th.

If Microsoft took every single complaint and changed it, we would never have a finished released Operating System. It's fucking atrocious, period. Please try again. http://get-cover.blogspot.com/ fazil baig Anyone knows the professional key of Window 8.1 ?

Really, though, if you're a power user and have some free time to play around, check out how to install Windows 10 Technical Preview in a virtual machine. Ziff Davis Media. my core2duo is running windows 8.1 smooth. Dan TL;DR thewags05 On a tablet metro is the best interface I've ever used.

OK. Files are automatically downloaded in the background when they are accessed from the user's OneDrive folder, unless they are marked to be available offline. PC World. zeum Still waiting for Win9 before I consider leaving 7.