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Windows 8.1 Speed Degradation Over Time

Does it have anything to do with the computer itself (which is five years old and is running windows xp)? 5 answers Last reply Oct 26, 2013 Best Answer Oct 26, Thinking of a shape Can olive oil be substuted for vegetable oil in a box cake mix? they work in an office and said that the internet (ethernet) used to be great but now it just flat out sucks. Have you checked your computer's specifications and the program's requirements?It might be time to upgrade - not neccessarily the whole computer, unless it's really ancient, but at least some parts of Check This Out

First of all it started to not recognize the pgu out of nowhere. download speed different from speed test in Network & Sharing so i ran a speed test with several different website and they all said my download speed is between 5 Mbps Low speed internet despite high speed provided by ISP in Network & Sharing Dear friends Could you help me figure out why it is that I have trouble browsing in high Specially core 0 around 80-92% and other cores with minimal usage.

Microsoft finally reveals what data Windows 10 really collects [Security] by camper399. I think it's worth uninstalling unused add-ins from time to time. There are applications out there which attempt to clean up the registry and you can do it by hand with regedit but proceed with caution- destroying an application's registry will ofter Starting up itself can be quite a resource hogging task also.

My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this ... Hack attempt on my PC [Security] by Bryantf1982341. Right now the laptop started doing even more crazy things. The OS is windows 8.1.

However, there are two things that are related to the registry that do slow things down. solved GPU core clock speed dropping over time. Why would you buy the processor and not ever use it???? XP Original requirements for example lists a 128 MB of RAM recommendation that I doubt anyone would try to run XP on that low amount of memory.

After it loads skype and qip it needs like 2-3 mins to "start working properly" cuz if I start launching Firefox, for example, it will load really slow and all tabs Note that "fragmentation" in this context refers not only to individual files being fragmented but also to collections of files that are loaded at the same time not being together on Windows Time server down? [Microsoft] by avze273. I would think the experienced performance degradation comes from installing more programs over time, and especially programs, which run on background.

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There are various reasons as to why that may be the case. Reply to captaincharisma m 0 l Best solution Solandri a b D Laptop January 26, 2017 9:59:07 AM Bad_Company said:I start league of legends with average 1200-200 fps . Points 2 and 3 are definitely good things to check, however. However as far I concern, if you see worse transfer rates than you've seen some years ago, chances are good that is most likely due to something else then degradation of

SpamNetiquetteForm other This post contains unwanted Spam.This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum.Please avoid to write your posts in CAPITAL or in bold letters. {[userwarning_empty_error]} notify member Though I can certainly appreciate the effort of the post above mine, most of the points veer off into extreme fringe cases or rely on information that was rendered obsolete 10-15 Also I never use any HW (including HDDs) longer than it's warranty period.And off course I make backups of any important data.Back to the thread topic:Today I would research any advanced this contact form Something is happening / Quelque chose se passe [Ebox] by EboxMartin672. 24, 7, 365 [No,IWillNotFixYour#@$!!Computer] by onebadmofo663.

share|improve this answer answered Nov 20 '08 at 16:27 he_the_great 855510 I have noticed this as well. Kinda speed over reliability.and 3rd, in my experience it's pretty rare case when HDD suddenly dies without previously displaying any sighs of problems. In order for this to happen it needs about 1 hour of gaming.

Cpukiller3 is an interesting piece of software that can make your CPU run up to 99% slower.

My current System:Mainboard: ASRock Z97 Extreme6, Disks: 512 GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD + 2 TB Seagate SATA3 HDD running in AHCI mode, Graphics: Intel HD4600, RAM: 4x4 GB G.Skill RipjawsZ Can you edit your post and clarify which version of windows you are talking about? –LPChip Jun 4 '14 at 17:19 So you're also using the same drive for The first is fragmentation of the registry hive files. Gam3r01Nov 4, 2015, 8:25 PM Nope.

up vote 76 down vote favorite 8 Windows XP/2003 and earlier (can't attest to Windows Vista, but I suspect it's the same) all appear to become more sluggish over time as A base, fresh install of Windows does nothing, but does it very fast. Confusion over the use of いい人 Can olive oil be substuted for vegetable oil in a box cake mix? To compare, try opening up msconfig and disabling all startup items and services and then rebooting.

Since I totally forgot about his RAID, and RAID mode is disabled by default I just booted from a single drive and continued with OC.Once I finished with figuring out the However, the machines which I get complaints about in the office tend to have a huge list of "services" and other applications running in the background. share|improve this answer answered Jun 4 '14 at 16:59 arielnmz 1,847827 prefetch is not applicable if you are using memory drives of course as it is not necessary. Startup items and services do. –Shiki Nov 10 '13 at 21:11 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote My father still uses his IBM all in one XT, running DOS

Is it Registry issues? Click here, to adjust the content of the private message. asked 2 years ago viewed 408 times active 2 years ago Linked 76 Why does Microsoft Windows' performance appear to degrade over time? However when the guy was here to check the system he got that increased speed on my old Win 7 laptop, but could not get it as...

Try using GPU monitoring tools that display GPU clock speed to see if you're suffering a similar problem. It is very interesting to read that other OS's don't suffer this problem. In windows the person who made the application also has to make an uninstallation program. Reformat your hard disk and re-install enough software to complete the following step.

share|improve this answer edited Apr 30 '11 at 4:34 Peter Mortensen 7,438145382 answered Nov 20 '08 at 16:28 Nick Registry won't affect boot speeds. share|improve this answer answered Nov 20 '08 at 16:29 Jimmy 1114 Autoruns is good for this. –GregC May 21 '09 at 4:58 add a comment| up vote 1 down Was Pac-man originally named "Puck-man"? Like ahockley, I've found that XP and Vista (with recent service packs) are quite stable--at least as stable as Linux PCs that I manage.