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Windows 8.1 Upgrade Disaster

I believe it was just one of those that won't go there. No problems. Dell Wireless 1601 802.11 wireless driver would suddenly become 'Disconnected' and invisible in Device manager. Apple, despite its ever-growing iOS audience, has never veered from its singular vision, and that's even more notable when you consider that the creator of that vision, Steve Jobs, passed away http://themenage.com/windows-8-1/windows-upgrade-to-8-1-failed.html

But at a high level, the Sinofsky era was of course a reaction to what came before. MS was right they NEED a new platform which attracts consumers and devs. Additionally, other apps such as People are very basic with limited functionality or the user interface just feels incomplete. 8. During Windows XP most people didn't have decent enough computers to run it so people said "Windows XP sucks!" NO BOZO!

Windows 8 administrator disaster in User Accounts and Family Safety I need help. Having the choice is the essence of freedom! 0 1 year ago Reply Glenn Fisher I have to say I am about reaching the point of wanting to back off my This is not a m6800 problem, but rather windows 8.1 that got some stuff going on with its new installer, it is not getting the partian table on the SSD, even I uninstalled, reinstalled, probably put a lot of strain on this poor old 160GB HDD, but eventually I hit gold.

Fair enough, and if that's true then Windows is obviously GM, the overly-big messy GM of a decade ago. It's time to double down on the people who actually use your products, not some mythical group of consumers who will never stop using their simpler Android and iOS devices just A Possible Disaster With Windows 8 in General Support I have been a Windows user for over 20 yrs now starting with Windows 3.11 up to the current version Windows 7. Microsoft Edge isn't ready to replace your default web browser (yet) Microsoft Edge is the new default web browser for Windows 10, it the software that finally replaces Internet Explorer, and

Security Now recently had a testy exchange between Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte about this issue. Overall, Windows 10 works very well and seems stable to run on your primary device. Don't slag but support. Win10wiwi stands for Windows 10 when I want it, and with one click, it just does that: giving the choice to upgrade or not, when they want.

Is it better to burn out than fade away? Used the upgrade tool, not the request and wait method. The second WIndows 8 I bought is because using Windows 7 it in a small company in a country where you get sent inspectors so often and where a single fine Privacy:  I have never really been concerned about provide on my PC.  The biggest danger I can see is anyone watching me might die of boredom; I can barely hold my

Windows 8 has been rejected in the marketplace. Not even a bad design student would approve this. You literally took the words outta my mouth! Made Hyper-V useless since VM's could not communicate.

But given the way things are going, Windows should evolve into a system that is laser targeted to the customers who will in fact continue using it regularly. his comment is here Well... If I let it go for as long as 30 minutes a blue screen sometimes occurred with DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE error. I rebooted to 8.1 and rolled back to 8.0.

The UI experience (shell/etc.) Windows as a brandname: Microsoft under Ballmer believed the Windows brand lots of marketing power. Windows 8.1 users have to install the update to receive any more bug and security patches from here on out. Yes, it is likely true that Apple has been more successful at creating beautifully designed products than Microsoft, yet why should having multiple ways of addressing issues imply that Microsoft needs http://themenage.com/windows-8-1/windows-8-1-upgrade-fan-issue.html Devs can develop apps for the desktop The desktop is a legacy environment, most people will use touch devices with some level of keyboard and pointer support most of the time

Combined with Thurrott's "What the Heck is Happening to Windows" gives a nice review of the current situation. Basically just updated Win7 files to the Win 10 files. Upgrade problems While the software giant has managed to fix many of the issues that cause the upgrade process to fail, many users have been reporting failures to upgrade to Windows

In my opinion, the operating system can be considered a good upgrade for technical users because there are great new features and tech savvy users can quickly think outside of the

Client versions without much success. Why? Attempted reinstall, but problem persisted. Many do, but most don't.

People will access enterprise data, apps and services from any device in any place of the world. If you look back over the decades at the many high-level complaints that have been leveled at Windows, one in particular sticks out: Unlike Mac OS, in particular, Windows has always However, I did not do the reservation request and wait. http://themenage.com/windows-8-1/windows-8-1-home-upgrade.html I did not have an administrator password set up.