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Windows 8.1 - "Zero" Key Weirdness Driving Me Insane

T S Amiga was very nice. someone please help! Johnny T May 2. 2009 01:03 didnt work so depressed nick May 20. 2009 11:55 Thank you! Fred October 26. 2008 12:43 Now,How can i create a folder that end with period?How Can i rename a folder that contain a period at the end, what is the syntax http://themenage.com/windows-8-1/windows-8-1-insane-heating-problem-when-lid-is-closed.html

Very bad! I had to look through the comments again to realize my annoying file had a SPACE at the end and not a dot. derek April 15. 2009 01:52 Again, another big thank you Shawn April 15. 2009 03:21 Thank you very much man Basu May 8. 2009 23:08 Thanks!!! if I give them all my data, do you think they'll let me do that? ” It's relatively straightforward to opt out of all the creepy stuff.

augerin August 30. 2008 18:51 @Lindsay George the unlocker program worked for me, thanks. T S They could have made it easier to find. And of course there's the fucking weird "let's put the Windows Media Player in again we haven't updated since Vista, but then let's include a halfassed thing called Groove which surely Keksich July 1. 2009 09:05 (Yes, I run SP3) Keksich July 1. 2009 14:29 Thank you so much for the help!

Using the correct, "Perth" time of +8. SuperTommy DNA-37211 Enable Trash flag on all channels Better hurry fixing this oversized undo button then! Taking one of the abandoned upper rooms of the Academy as a working space, he spent $200 – which at the time he felt to be a lot of money – I had accidently created the problem by naming the folder "ONCE UPON A TIME.." (notice the 2 dots at the end of the title).

Matthias September 19. 2008 23:57 Thanks. I'm actually writing a musical based on minesweeper - it's called "Minesweeper: the Musical" and it will sweep your fucking MIND.posted by the quidnunc kid at 11:56 AM on July 31, If your entire "IT Team" has issues with navigating Windows 8, I highly suggest you guys find a new hobby. What a great solution.

Now I know!!!! In old opera i could simple paste notes by right click on input field on www site, like input text etc field, and from context menu i could fast chose right The network insisted that Lynch and Frost reveal who the killer of Laura Palmer was prematurely, which they begrudgingly agreed to do.[71] Lynch felt that agreeing to do so is one Brian I have a feeling the next system (if there even is going to be one) will be pretty good just to keep from repeating this mess.

I'd dig into the underlying SQL tables of your SharePoint site to see if you could fix it there. THESE ARE VITAL TO MAKING THIS WORK. There's a long time left before Windows 10 comes to market in 2015, and there's a lot more of the platform left to see. The more you throw black into a colour, the more dreamy it gets...

watwat August 12. 2009 03:22 THANKS. Lacedaemon So he has not good things to say about the Opera browser, this is surprising. aileverte May 3. 2009 07:11 Impressive..! Marcin Mitek This is a known bug in Windows.

Also for the trick;-) Alex March 19. 2009 00:45 Thanks for all your input. Kisses, your Mama. these files where found in the nprotect folder.Mac files??? http://themenage.com/windows-8-1/windows-8-1-weirdness.html it's under O-menu>>extensions darek Hi, Finally I turn on sidebar by enter command which you show on V7Notes www side ‘opera://flags/#extension-sidebar' on Windows 7, but this not works like old notes

The only thing that has had most "nerds" rubbed the wrong way is the Metro face and other visual touch-supporting improvements. Aren't opportunities to cry unto the heavens about the idiocy of your fellow commenters great? It works because you don't need to specify any path (and the ANY filename, right or wrong it is, with ending point o ending spaces: it doesn't matters).

Well, file-explorer sort-of uses windows… Though that is just split-screens, one for the file-tree.

I need an answer for my extension 🙁 Konstantin Paramonov please order changed "opera:flags" chronologically from the newest on top (it will make it more easier to find out broken features) Win 1.0 was widely and actually pretty fiercely rejected by the computing community at large and, in fact, Windows never really took off until 3.0 a full five years later. very good software, easy to use, and a handy tool to have if you do a lot of downloading. Anyone else?

Ralf Brinkmann Have a look in the help at http://help.opera.com/opera/Windows/1781/de/solutions.html#backup. Strange at 10:26 AM on July 31, 2015 God, I just... A series of events accompanied the exhibition including live performances and concerts.[131] Some of Lynch's art include photographs of dissected chickens and other animals as a "Build your own Chicken" toy At "portrait-frau-maedchen-studio-martina-1920.jpg" I have Dimensions 1500 × 1500 File size 500 KB MIME type image/jpeg URL http://view.stern.de/de/picture/2803977/portrait-frau-studio-maedchen-martina-1920.jpg and on the target page on this url I have the same colour problems.

Another of Lynch's prominent themes include industry, with repeated imagery of "the clunk of machinery, the power of pistons, shadows of oil drills pumping, screaming woodmills and smoke billowing factories", as I use the Cobian Backup utility (free) for other folders and I noticed it successfully removed folders I couldn't - AND - on the Cobian "Tools" menu, there's a utility called The ui flow and overall snappiness of Opera is leagues ahead of Vivaldi. DNA-37057 Update sidebar API to latest specification.

Starring people he knew from both work and college and filmed in his own house,[30] The Grandmother featured a neglected boy who "grows" a grandmother from a seed to care for Duncan Smart November 3. 2009 22:15 e.g.ren "\\?\e:\win xp tb.bit10.office2007.drivers." 1234.gho Duncan Smart November 4. 2009 14:38 You are a f***ing genius!!! Open the fikle with Unlocker 1.8.7, change the pulldown to delete, and bingo....gone. There's not even a real visual change.

Stella Volante December 23. 2008 02:02 Oh my GOD I can't believe it. Guys, I really need to get away from Windows 8.1. Boatless March 28. 2009 16:35 Duncan, thanks! The people that came up, and approved the following commercial should be banned from any marketing job on the planet.

Edit: nope, it still doesn't work. But its an Internet meme so it must be true yes? (Wikipedia has an article covering Windows versions) sacredjunk Which rule? here is how the builds go from windows xp to windows 10 windows xp - build 5000 windows vista - build 6000 windows 7 - build 7000 windows 8 - build The musical/performance piece Industrial Symphony No. 1, which Lynch had staged with Angelo Badalamenti at the Brooklyn Academy of music, had spawned the album Floating into the Night and launched singer

So, they ended a tradition that had survived since Windows 3.0. Bgr June 24. 2009 08:04 THANKS A TON.I broke my head for several days on this. martin0499 They just wanted to avoid confusion with Windows 9X Mekronid The next version should be 1111. I wanted to downgrade to 7, but my computer wouldn't let me since it came with 8 pre-installed.