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Windows 8 Ins't Confusing

One qualified that it would only work so long as I transfered them over USB. How much does the NBN really cost with a landline phone? Daniel Says: December 27th, 2012 at 8:45 am I use windows 8 on my workstation with 3, 24" monitors + one multi touch monitor and in my opinion is a better I'm not going to buy it.

I have always used windows and never owned a Mac, but I am sure I'll buy one this Christmas. Instead it has forced metro on everyone, tablet or not. What is it? I will give props to Microsoft for FINALLY allowing me to create a new window with Control-N, and a new folder with Control-Shift-N.

I’m not sure. What about Windows Phone 8? for my desire happening.

That has some benefits, but it also means it runs a limited array of software as a result. Windows 8 appears to ignore that." makes sense because users are saying the same thing, not just the author. But even then, people who hadn’t seen the blog post remained confused as to whether or not the OS would cost money down the track. I played it dumb.

Budiu: It is confusing, because users have to remember what they’re running in the desktop and go back to that app to resume editing a document in Word, for instance, or creating For productivity Desktop users often like having an IM Window open at the side or at the bottom of one of their screens. VianleNutria797 Says: February 23rd, 2013 at 7:08 pm I'm sorry but whoever wrote article is 100% CORRECT AND IS ALSO A GENIUS! Jive and Lithium took top honors this year.

Go to Microsoft’s website and you’ll be hit up for $399 for the privilege, whereas retail stores still have copies of the $60-ish retail upgrade package readily available. If you go here, you'll actually find the phrase "Works exclusively with apps available in the Windows Store" high up the page. There's no full version for sale in the Microsoft Store yet, nor does Microsoft seem to have released news about this. now a pc with mouse what will i do first if i don't know right places to click then what i will be clicking all over the place to find the

One of the things that Apple has been been criticised about on the iPad is that you have to jump in and out of apps to do anything. Likewise with the mail app, the news app and pretty much all the apps. All rights reserved. Upgrading online is a better deal.

Which of course makes no sense. So this is a Windows 8 tablet? Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of nextmedia's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. I'm back to square one.

Even if Microsoft said "it doesn't run legacy apps" outright to every single buyer, would they understand what that meant? The scroll arrows at the bottom of the screen are very close to the bottom corners of the screen, which are supposed to expose the menus. What we've managed to get here is a very, very fast way of switching between two entirely different operating systems, in much the same way that we used to have to That led to instant confusion.

That knocks out the cheapest retail option for upgrading (beyond jumping to an old OS then reinstalling, a recipe for disaster on some laptops once you are faced with tracking down Confusing as hell Matthew Baxter-Reynolds Trying out Windows 8 on the desktop gives a strange feeling: there's a solid update to Windows 7, and then there's a strange interface which jumps Update: Microsoft actually does have a far better mention on another part of the Surface landing page.

Don't bother emailing ASUS or ROG as they will only advise the same as I have.

The problem is I cant neither download so solve my problem plzzzzzzzzz arshad Says: March 7th, 2013 at 4:27 am Hard drive has space, but it keeps telling me that its How about a convertible laptop? So..."Windows Defender" isn't an app. Maybe I will go have a look at KDE in the Linux world.

A Galax GTX 1070 EXOC SNPR White video card! Are these Windows 8 apps or Windows Store app? However, some apps for Windows 8 that you get will not work for Windows RT. I just don't see the advantages of Win8 gobbling up an entire 1920 x 1080 screen to run ONE app.

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after all these years? I am very confused with all the praise I see in this forum for Windows 8. Chrome vs.