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Windows 8 Interface Sanity Tweaks--please Share Yours

stewpidyouare True. But lots of software that is in Debian comes from Fedora, and much of that comes from RedHat. It sucked. The unstable buggy changes were an added bonus I didn't need to deal with, so I stopped using it almost immediately. http://themenage.com/windows-8/windows-8-desktop-tweaks.html

Anyway, Squarespace: build it beautiful.* Where Have You Been? These are not opinions, but facts. Your not an Apple crunch are you. Olaf Tuesday, February 19, 2013 10:36 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Sanmartin, yes, I fullyunderstand that "hanging back" has its downsides and won't keep forever.

But you have to remove them in the Desktop Control Panel. VirtualMark Sure, so why do you bother to read the articles here? What is there to research?

John ‘Genryu' Windows 8 is simple if you want to be locked into doing only a part of what you can do with other OS's sure. The way it is done on GNOME 3 Shell is at a minimum annoying, mostly it just gets in my way. This is much more advanced than you think. reply Log In or Register to post comments the old rang (not verified) on Dec 1, 2011 Let's see.

They did it on purpose, with some secret motive to make us all start to dislike it, or 2. Fortran is simple… Windows 8 is unnecessarily complicated. Keeping this objective and unemotional if possible. The closest I come, right now, Is Racy Puppy...

The other problem with serving people's needs is people allow other people to change their needs. This resolves several bugs in Sass. If it does not, the server returns a 404. (Because you *could* be requesting a file that has no extension, so the server can't assume that the resource you requested is Unless they ditch metro, return to the desktop, stop making the UI look like it was designed by a not very intelligent child and bring back basic functionality that was lost

Coming from a bilingual family (Swedish & Finnish) in Finland, living in Germany, working in English,every rig I have needs at least four user profiles, each set to use a differentdisplay It was a excellent rock solid operating system. And that's fine. Fixed: Bower will now work correctly even if Git is not installed on your machine or is misconfigured.

BrS Windows 8 is a real OS. this contact form The loss of Aero Glass is something I couldn't care less about. This annoys me and interupts my train of thought. For technical reasons, this means that I cannot currently build a CodeKit binary that includes the code to auto-refresh the WebKit Nightly browser.

Jehn Smeth Damn dude, what must you think now that they skipped Windows 9 and went straight to 10 instead ;) max999 Let's hope they fix the mess called Windows 8 In fact at that exact moment one of the VM's running Ubuntu was itself installing updates. In File Explorer, for example, if you click first on Computer, then the root of drive C:, you'll see Drive Tools. have a peek here Libsass 3.2 The Libsass team released the final version of Libsass 3.2 about 15 hours after my last update.

Error messages will now be logged only to your Apple Watch Edition. oldmanerd grade school children can figure it out? You'll see them in the log when appropriate.

Indeed, whether a modern Open Source effort could ever deliver a fully featured professional quality OS, with all the necessary documentation and support, isn't at all clear.

Clearly, MATE will need some help from other developers if the project is to become truly viable. This brings a ton of features for Markdown, including the ability to import MD files into each other. Sass updated to 3.3.7 Stylus updated to 0.44.0 JSHint updated to 2.5.0 (Several options were removed, including the one about trailing whitespace.) JSLint updated to 21 April 2014 release Bourbon updated I still don't know what being a Microsoft Troll is and what it has to do with computer knowledge.

That no longer happens. If you like it, enjoy. Everyone should always have a choice in what they use now. http://themenage.com/windows-8/windows-8-app-modern-interface-updates-best-practice.html But, I said that, way back in my first posts.

Right now, the built-in version of Jade in CodeKit is frozen at 0.30.0 and if you want to use any "filters" in your Jade files, you'll definitely need to install Jade Did you happen to go to the Strother Martin Video? But I don't mind that the thread has gone there. We can clearly see how farthe derivativetechnologytook Microsoft in its next incarnation as Windows NT, but now that seems to bewaning.

I've spent five days discussing this with Apple Engineering. Too bad for you. I hope your not married or have children because if you do i bet you treat them unfairly AS WELL AND NEVER LISTEN TO THEM. I use no gestures other then accessing the charm bar on the right side.

I have 40+ years in computers... Ray C They have listened to customers on almost every product they have on the market with each update, but how can serve the needs of people who don't know their Take the Chevy Volt. If there are more than 2 computers, it's most likely a business or organization.

Why? But here in America kids use Windows 8. behind him. I don't believe that Jo-Erlend Schinstad does not understand why mostly every one else except him and two others are so unhappy with Unity!

See the help page for details. As far as people's claims of Windows 8's superiority go: What Windows 8 is MOST CERTAINLY NOT is generally more stable, faster,more configurable,or easier to use than its predecessor. If GNOME 3 Panel had all the same functionality that GNOME 2 Panel has I could use it, but it doesn't. Since that first horrible weekend, on through the next 70 or so retries, on six computer (just trying Unity, not the other options)...

Yet these devices will not run the heavy stuff, for example like the Adobe software, that some users need. I am not an Ubuntu Member, though I do think I would be accepted if I applied. I have been through about 30 or 40 OS's.