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Windows 8 Is An Extraordinarily Large Piece Of Poo


but it will always need PC's of some kind. Try it! Ahhhhhhh! Yes, others might disagree and want to keep work and play separate, but I love this thing with all my heart (however, some of the other offerings on the market are have a peek at this web-site

The real question is how much will it change? I also like to be able to open up PDFs to edit, which you couldn't do in MS OFfice. MS just does not have that kind of cult following." "cult following." Lazy trope. Though they can install Windows 8 Metro-style apps to their heart's content, secondary users are asked for an administrator's password as soon as they launch a desktop installer.

Windows 10 Annoyances

And making a big deal about having to click on "desktop" to exit the Metro interface is ridiculous. File History is utterly unusable. But after some patches and getting used to the controls, its not to bad. You used Windows 95 until Vista came out?

But it also seems like a rough draft of a deeply interesting idea.Why It MattersWhy does Windows 8 matter? It's a piece of SHIT. They have your best interest at heart…no REALLY, they DO…just ask 'em. - 7 undid some of the mess from Vista, but still abandoned many good features of XP, such as Right Click Menu Keeps Popping Up AppleTV) and Windows 8 doesn't bother me as much as people claim it fails.

It may drop to levels closer to what Apple currently has in the desktop space, but even then I think it's going to be a while before smartphones and tablets can But PCs are not dead, i use them at home and work, but there is just no reason to upgrade. The problem with PCs is very few people need to upgrade one on any kind of frequent basis. No More Start Menu Multitasking in Windows 8 is like dating Sybil.

nixter Says: November 22nd, 2014 at 2:13 am nice article. Laptop Screen Problems the drop would be the same if there had been no W8 at all and the popular W7 (with some good updates presumably) were still the current PC OS. Avatar Roku Paul Thurrott said it best today on Windows Weekly: If Microsoft had not made Metro and just improved the desktop this drop in PC sales would have still happened I use both the laptop and desktops more, I do use the tablet, when I'm out and about or on my couch laying down reading a book on it.

How To Stop Windows 8 From Switching Screens

The 1.0 iOS drop from MS's office suite IS Sweet! Simply, this is the first time that you will have to re-learn how to use Windows on a basic level since 1992. Windows 10 Annoyances If you don't like using Metro, you really don't have to beyond landing in the tile screen when you boot up; you can think of it as a big, stylish app Start Menu Keeps Popping Up Windows 10 I've been tempted to get a Mac but for some reason my brothers $2000 macbook pro is super slow after a year and my 400$ dell with i3 processor is going

clock menu more-arrow Log In or Sign Up Log In Sign Up Tech Science Culture Cars Reviews Longform Video Circuit Breaker Forums TL;DR More Tech Apple Google Microsoft Apps Photography Virtual ok ok thats the basic description of them... Microsoft should have made all of its built-in apps -- especially Windows Explorer and Control Panel -- work in Modern UI, but tablet users can address this problem by making the At $10/month for five tabs and computers...Win, OSx, Android or iOS, it's incredibly affordable. How To Reset Keyboard Settings

The knock on Windows 8 is overblown. Has nothing to with Win8. If they can pull that off then smartphones could completely replace desktops. We just want one good one that we can learn and stick with.

The worst OEMs from personal experience are 1. Window Too Big For Screen Can't Resize I might try Kubuntu next. But it always felt like it was making up for the sins of Windows Vista before it.

For quick access to your favorite apps and desktop programs, pin them to your Start screen by right-clicking them, or press and hold on a touchscreen.

This is crap! Ironically I found there was a greater learning curve going from Windows 7 to Windows 8 than Windows 7 to Linux Mint 14 KDE. Can that be right?" sparse.The other reason behind the lack of options is a little more troubling: Microsoft continues to be unable or unwilling to pull more and bigger partners into Bubbles On Touch Screen Laptop These servers are tuned to only talk to each other adding another layer of security sophistication most corporate IT departments will never achieve.

I dropped an SSD in it this year and Windows 8. Col. And my tablet isn't much better. write drivers).

Same thing is happening with computers now…If people want just one choice of Linux instead of searching for something well suited for their particular tastes, I just give them Mint Cinnamon. After I got done laughing at his presentation I sat there nodding my head thinking he's right.