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Windows 8 Is Awful


Among other changes, the new version—which could come next year—promises to mostly ditch the tiles that users so hated in Windows 8. Because 7 ate 9. All rights reserved. But again, a big part of the problem was the name.

Let's take that as a given and move on from there. Or more graphically, a car with a petrol engine and an electric motor, each of which can propel it along. But whoever had set up the laptops hasn’t connected them to any Wi-Fi, so there was little to see. The lagging, limited, often hamstrung Metro apps don't help.

Windows 8 Fail

Thankfully, you can still do a 50-50 split, or whatever tiling you're used to, in the desktop area. FROM EARLIER:How to skip the queueand install Windows 10 right now Start Screen It’s hard to state this definitively, but it might be safe to say that everyone hates the Windows Android smartens up with federated machine learning Google's Federated Learning lets smartphones collaboratively learn a shared prediction model while...