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Windows 8 Is Not Bad And Everyone Is Overreacting


But for what it is worth, I find the Linux Mint Cinnamon desktop more pleasant to compute in than Windows. SKOL!!!! Apple doesn't have to retweak its bestselling products, it's tweaking the big dollar upsell, no real gamble there... Somehow this has led people to believe that gaming is horrible on Windows 8, Steam won't be supported, and that Microsoft is going to close off its system so you can

The amount of information available right there is spectacular. And he doesn't throw picks either. There will always be a place for some sort of mouse & keyboard analog because of the particular needs of granular control. Having processes and services all grouped together yet organised is great for seeing what sort of resources everything is using is such an improvement.The power-user menu is great (right click bottom

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scott hunt because people didn't realize there are people out there to help them out on forums and irc that what i thought at first to i found out stuff like Point being, I don't think most people understand how they are supposed to use the start screen on a desktop. If you still don't get it, try reading the comment I replied to. Computing on cots, at parks and beaches makes for great commercials but most consumers have no need of mobile computing that can't be done on a smartphone in a pinch (email,

It's growing due to the fact that people who do eventually use it LOVE IT! Because… you know, it's pretty "popular". Yes, Win8 is a Janus faced thing and at the end of the day I am fine with that. Nfl And this was everybody's Super Bowl darling?

They should stop pitching the ball to the running backs, throw more screens and slants, and stop using the "back shoulder throw" which has not worked since Nelson got hurt. We're no IBM.. In that Gnome Shell and Cinnamon beats Unity because the adaptive multiple desktop amount is extremely extremely nice.  Ryan Change the sensitivity of the sidebar. I'm using build 9200 pro if that matters to anyone.

jmethane says: Aug 26, 2016 8:47 PM Isn't it kind of hard to believe this guy was a #1 pick in the draft at this point? The search part especially. Got a little fiddly at first but using the cursor keys and hitting enter made it very useful. Bradford can t play.

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Don't think he's going to hold up getting destroyed every week. We aren't playing twister. Bob Kravitz Love that feeling. Colts Schedule Sky falling or dynasty born after week 2?

Not to mention their offensive genius McCarthy calling the plays, who happens to be a far superior coach than Zimmer. Anonymous Be fair, Unity sucked in 11.04 and shouldn't have been included. What kind of football team steals a chant from a soccer team? Those people can say "it's not quite there yet". Andrew Luck

Don't miss anything from Photoshop. Neither of which need more than a short explanation. That truth has the only real teeth in the argument; unless you like to lie to yourself. – Let’s be honest, the only stat that matters is a championship. I can say without reservations though..

Thats just a perception though,many have Mac versions ,and many more will if the user base grows,but for most that do not,there are alternatives that are just as good. I will do literally nothing else on it. Well...

mmack66 says: Sep 19, 2016 1:07 PM Isn't that what Troy Vincent said when asked about Rodgers having the footballs over-inflated?

Look at how many people who had to learn Android, and somehow they managed. patsfan1820 says: Sep 19, 2016 1:43 PM Rodgers doesn't have the excuse he did last of year of not having Jordy Nelson in the lineup. I guarantee you can't do it. Until its fixed, the Windows brand will regress to the mean, which is mediocrity.

Even Sinofsky's benefactor, Microsoft's then-CEO Steve Ballmer, was removed from office. Early season is weird. Why did they have to upset the apple cart? Then I heard rumors that C# was falling out of favor, and I was done.

Green Bay somehow recovered a statistically anomalous 4 of their own fumbles. OS Win 8 Pro Quote 31 Oct 2012 #4 Fredledingue View Profile View Forum Posts Member Posts : 261 w9x Who is overreacting? The only guy that ever seemed to get open was 89. It really surprised me with my htpc because its gpu and cpu underclocked to keep the fans quite and I still noticed a good jump in speed and smoothness.

I can't. (My colleague Sebastian Anthony claims he's worked it out.)Okay, correction. That's OK, Viking fans feel that way twice a year and the end is always the same result - grandiose disappointment. It was a near total disaster, almost like some kind of joke. But given the way things are going, Windows should evolve into a system that is laser targeted to the customers who will in fact continue using it regularly.

With the turmoil and mixed messages about selling Win 7 and some OEMs taking up Windows 7 again, Microsoft really needed to get their act together. Hopefully the O line gets its act together, especially Kalil. Apple is attacking these 4 disparate categories carefully, methodically and separately. Everything cannot be spoon fed.

With that said and my other few dislikes I still see this OS as a good change and improvement over W7 and won't be going back My System Specs You need video help | post reply | read more Failure configuring updates - windows 8 (not pro) location: 8forums.com - date: November 22, 2012 I am getting slightly mad here I have Scott Horner Insider: Colts' D will look different, but will it be better? See the business problem there too?

It's nice to carry around something close in functionality to my Linux servers without having to fight with Linux on my day-to-day laptop.