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Windows 8 Killed My PC - Interesting Reading

They don't even need docking stations because the onscreen keyboard is good enough. You're basically saying that everything should stay the same as Windows 7 in a "non-touch" environment. Anonymous This docking setup would certainly suffice for everything one uses a netbook for. Edit: Quantum Break was released on Steam on 08.10.2016 and now it only requires Windows 7/D3D11.

I don't think anything Microsoft or anyone else could have done to keep these numbers from going down the way they did. Windows 10 sucks terribly if you are an unlucky user of a metered Internet connection: It features huge mandatory system and apps updates (you cannot disable them, you can only postpone YOU dedicate the RAM. My old cavalier 92 V6 could win a lot of cars of today.

Not everybody chases the "bleeding edge" and has to have the latest version of everything, though.  For example - I develop code with VS2008, SQL 2008R2 and Active Reports 6.  The Des Buckley Says: August 27th, 2014 at 11:18 pm MICROSOFT!! Too bad so many see THAT as an excuse for hate speech. Just assign the shortcuts to the command-line commands "shutdown /s /t 0" (shutdown) and "shutdown /r /t 0" (restart), respectively.

Everything you type is readily available elsewhere. http://www.facebook.com/ronald.geiken Ronald Geiken Anyone who has a High Powered Computer, one with a i7 processor and 6 to 8 gig of ram has no need to update and as this article Simplicity in an OS is a bitch to code. Then there's the god awful User interface.

I did not expect that. Reply 0 Chunky Love @ayin77 Mar 15, 2016, 4:23pm The problem with this is if you have (for my example) a 'download' box that NEEDS to stay up. Don't they realize the time wasted by employees having to learn everything all over again, not to mention the costs involved to large corporations having to re-train people to find their HP's PC department, which has been flagging for some time, experienced a huge drop of 24% compared to the same time last year.

When he's not covering the news he's working on how-to tips for PC users, or tuning his eGPU setup. Am I against progress?  Not at all … if I were then I would still be writing code to DOS 1.1.  However I am also not going to upgrade my technology Windows 8 accounted for less than four percent of global PC usage between January and March, the firm reports in its most recent estimates. The PC market has been steadily declining over the last few years, but a slump of 13.9% was really quite unexpected.

Assuming a 10-year lifecycle on the software, there's a long period of time that I as a user am going to happily roll along without having to retool at all. Move that 'touch' to an ergonomic device like the touchpad, you're going the right direction. It even comes with training wheels, Bootcamp is ready to pop your OS of choice. and the point follows after the list.

A) extremely talented programmers and wise, educated folk are using OSx as their primary and ONLY OS. I've used DOS, Windows 3.1 an onwards, OS2 version 1 and on, Mac, and Apple, butt the learning curve for Windows8 sucks ass most of all. hdds through not defragging, bad cases that don't vent, and never dusting it. http://www.facebook.com/michael.shreve.94 Michael Shreve WHAT could an OS POSSIBLY do to make buying a new PC attractive.

But the premium that tablets place on portability will forever limit their real power. The damn computer doesn't work properly and it's YOUR fault!! Reply 3 mrjocks @mrjocks Mar 15, 2016, 1:36pm Indeed. In May 2016 Microsoft started deceptively updating users' PCs to Windows 10 regardless of your Automatic Windows Updates settings or the way you interact with the GWX application.

i am the fucking administrator of this fucking laptop! Robert Title of article "Windows 8 causes most precipitous PC decline in history" inside the article "Did Windows 8 cause the decline? In fact, I installed Win8 on my older PC's to breathe new life into them; and inadvertently didn't have to buy new machines.

Are people seriously forgetting about these?

I am very hopeful that Windows 8 will finally give me the best of both worlds in a single device. As well, by default only Mac App Store programs and applications are 'installable'. August 2016 anniversary update broke millions of web cameras. This year we saw HiDPI displays, cameras ...even smartphones now capable of shooting 4k!

Whether you're Facebooking or scientifically crunching weather forecast history and futures, figuring out DNA structuring and disease/virus mutations....it's an absolute JOKE to use the touch'centric' platform for any amount of time. It really is all hinging on Windows 8 tablets, IMO. Just like when PCs replaced mainframes as the dominant technology, mainframes are still around today, but just in the niches they best serve. I, in fact, didn't even read the article because of the title.

And they're giving them away. That, and I don't think Levis is gonna make jeans with a 25″ pocket for my screen to play games on X-D lolz And…you're welcome. :) http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UXLG6KOGABBIK6STYPOV64GBAU Jeroen I gotta agree, Since 7 is going to be the base for the future desktop, we should hope that some of the XP magic will make it back into the 8 OS. I'd only spent a few minutes with Windows 10, and already I'd been lied to. "You've been signed in with a temporary profile," read an error message.

Where possible, Windows 8 will automatically use WiFi over 3G to save you money, and there's granular control over which wireless radios are turned on/off. Windows 10 anniversary update blocks all drivers which are not signed by Microsoft. It doesn't matter what we think, it only matters what is happening.