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Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Boots To Desktop


Login or register to post comments robertw477 on Jan 5, 2013 Vermont. OTOH, the desktop design paradigm as a form factor has remained steady and ever-increasing over the last three decades. This option is located in the Start screen area in the Navigation tab.Tip: Also here is an option that says Show the Apps view automatically when I go to Start, which All I can say is, you better fix this video game you call Windows 8 or never drop support for Windows 7!!! 3 years ago Reply ML49448 I'm really loving the Source

Don't need the computer smarter than me... I just want it to give desktop software users the kinds of options and UIs they like; while doing the same for Windows portable device customers. I'm not talking about simply switching back and forth between apps, but also the ability to see multiple apps at the same time. It's a good thing that MS is giving the masses a choice.

Boot To Desktop Windows 8

I'm an old time UNIX CLI kinda guy, but am quite facinated with Win 8 and these changes make it a lot nicer.From Metro mode, without going into Desktop mode how Boy, did Ballmer get it wrong. 3 years ago Reply Jay Sathi This was very helpful. Desktops could boot up into desktop mode by default if the user sets that as the preference. But in Windows 8 Microsoft didn't provide any built-in option to bypass or disable Start Screen so that the user can direct boot into Desktop.

Desktop is pretty much all I use. It shows the desktop instead of Start Screen as soon as you close a running metro app. 4. Don't try to shoehorn desktop software onto portable devices and don't try to dumb down desktop computers by slapping on very weak and anemic portable-device software. Boot Windows 8 To Desktop Instead Of Start Screen The future of computing is what the market demands it looks like!

The same applies to the desktop Window's "Close", "Minimize" & "Maximize" buttons as well. Make a clean install of Windows 8 By Thorsten Eggeling, Marvin Tobisch | 20 Mar 13 Upgrade without the need for an older Windows version The good times seem to be Tech Support Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Vista XP Office Software Themes Firefox Chrome IE Opera Etc How to Bypass Start Screen and Direct Boot into Desktop in Windows 8.1? Phone - tablet - media player - computer.

by Ciprian Adrian Rusen published on 01/19/2015 Which browser will make your battery last longer in Windows 10? Windows 8 Desktop Start Menu Alternatively, you can open the Control Panel and go to "Appearance and Personalization". Choose "Run anyway" and install the changes made by the tool. That is some exciting near-future stuff, which demonstrates our on-going commitment to deliver on customer feedback (such as your comments on this very blog) It is defined as an "Important –

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But we can live with that. Download & Use Our Special File for Windows 8 Similarly to the solution from How-To Geek, you need to create a scheduled task that runs at every log on and launches Boot To Desktop Windows 8 It is simple as that. 0 3 years ago Reply noirsoft No. Windows 8 Desktop Mode Default Login or register to post comments kuang on Jan 5, 2013 I want to love the metro UI but honestly I'm in desktop 95% of the time.

Login or register to post comments Oldthing on Jan 6, 2013 I am using a program called "Classic Shell". this contact form Completely screw with the interface that works. "We have something better". On the 9th of January they are going too sell the Lumia 800 for around 189€. It seemed like it took longer to go to sleep than to shut my old laptop down, and resuming seemed to take longer than a full boot up. Boot To Desktop Windows 7

Metro just isn't viable at this point. 0 3 years ago Reply vincentwansink Agreed. How hard is it to make this thing not ugly? 3 years ago Reply Robert Cassidy You say that Microsoft is listening, but ,unfortunately, it is not getting the point. Metro doesn't save time or even use screenspace more parsimoniously, it's a nightmare on both counts. http://themenage.com/windows-8/windows-8-1-always-boots-in-advanced-startup-menu.html Although Microsoft added a similar Start Screen to Microsoft Office 2013 suite but they provided an option to disable or bypass it as mentioned here.

Now, make it so that a double click/tap on the desktop wallpaper switches immediate to the start screen (it makes those transparent tiles opaque), and then when in start screen, a Windows 8 Boot To Desktop Registry To open it, you have several options. Once I installed Start8 it was so much better, but it still doesn't do everything a real start menu does.

This "update" is a half-assed attempt to climb out of a mile-deep sludge pit, but all that's been done is about 20 feet of progress.

Frankly I prefer the modern 8.1. 0 3 years ago Reply TechFreak1 Desktop on tablets... Obviously, desktop computers have a market "staying power" that portable devices are many, many years away (decades away) from achieving. A hype and positive reactions on the web. Windows 8 No Navigation Tab Also, previously when I had the option for having the ‘standard keyboard' off, the icon wouldn't even show up at the bottom right of the keyboard picker.

This interface proved completely unworkable and was abandoned in favor of the current desktop paradigm with overlapping windows that can be moved and resized as the user needs. I will use what makes sense and works best for me, not what Microsoft tells me is "the future". Now it'll properly shutdown and restart with BIOS logo. Check This Out I really love Windows as it is.

Check out the information given below to learn more about the changes. Really, if MS finds a way to force me into the single screen Metro crap I'm going to just stop building my own PCs like I've always done and get a Grr! 3 years ago Reply Anonymous Inside the Windows 8.1 Update 3 years ago Reply ehenn i hate that it send me back to the desktop after closing an app. I only updated to Windows 8 because it was cheap, and I wanted access to the internal updates and other features within Windows 8.

See also: How to shut down Windows 8 with your computer's power button 2. Mind you I am using it on a laptop, still it was pretty effortless to move your mouse to the top of the screen to see which tabs were open, it Everyone i know who bitched about windows 8 was fine with it when i showed them how to do all the things they thought they couldn't do anymore. If possibly they should make it so that boot to desktop is enabled if a mouse and keyboard is detected on the system so that tablet users (by default anyway) can

But your next claim.. Here's what you need to do. I am getting my Dell Venue 8 Pro soon and the last thing I want after updating it is too desktop as default!!! Now my parents won't bother me for 79 hours asking how it works Posted via the WPC App for Android! 0 3 years ago Reply cdb033 Man that sucks, I hope

Now, when we close an app, we are shunted to Desktop or the previous app. Grow a backbone, keep to your plans, don't apologize. - a msft fan 0 3 years ago Reply Fritzly Last time  I checked OSX market share was around 7.5%.... As a result we have some of the best products to choose between. You can still drag the Desktop down or click on the Start button to show the Start screen.Tip: Looking for another way to speed up your morning routine?

Are you growing tired of ads in your operating system? In their opinion, the latest is better than the previous. Because over 20 years of computer knowledge and experience is suddenly worthless. After a while introduce the regular surface and then move forward to the desktop.

I think it'll restore default boot screen.